The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and 3 new lenses

For a little while now I’ve been bothering people about this camera. I heard rumours about it and everything that I heard made me very interested in it. It really did sound like it’s going to be a camera to take mirrorless to another level.

I’m glad to say since the launch that nothing that I’ve heard has changed my views on this. Okay, I’ve not actually physically seen the camera yet (not without trying by bothering olympus a lot), but everything is suggesting that I’m not going to be disappointed (apart from the camera v my bank balance).

I’ve just watched one of the promo videos

The spec does look impressive. Another promo video I watched is this one. It’s made me think that I’ve (obviously) been trying to take photos of wildlife wrong!

I’m not going to repeat the specs here as you can see them all over the place, or read about the camera more on the olympus website . We don’t have a release date yet, but it has been promised by the end of the year. Best get saving then and selling my old kit. Anyone want an E-M10?

But, not to leave it at that, Olympus launched another three lens the 25mm F1.2 Pro, 12-100mm F4 IS Pro and 30mm F3.5 macro lenses. All sound great to me (and you can read more about them at dpreview), but the 25mm is the one that I’m really interested in. I love a good prime. I do have a 25mm f/0.95 speedmaster from china, which is a nice lens. Great glass will last longer than the bodies, so it is always worth investing. It will be an investment as well as I’ve seen prices starting at £1,099. That’s a lot of cash. I will be doing my normal thing of trying to get the best price.

Just look at the sample gallery for the lens:

I’m going to leave it at that. I think I’m going to take my 25mm out tomorrow to see if I can do anything similar.

Keep Snapping.

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Keep snapping!

The Mirrorlessview Tweetfest

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